thanksgiving activities for preschoolers - Thanks Giving day 2018

Sunday, September 2, 2018

thanksgiving activities for preschoolers

thanksgiving activities for preschoolers
Happy Thanksgiving! Dive into these Simple Thanksgiving Conversation Starters to fill the day with gratitude!
I used to dread the holidays because I never knew how my kids would behave during big get-togethers. Would they eat? What would they do?
We’re now finding a little bit of a groove when we head to family functions. I simply try to come prepared with something for them to do. Even a few toy cars for them to push around can be a huge help!
A huge hit we had last year on Thanksgiving was tape. Yep. Just tape.
Just as a quick side note: I started doing these 7 day activity challenges as a way to motivate parents to engage and play with their kids. You may be in a bit of a funk and need to get restarted, or if you’re new to doing activities, this 7 Day Challenge is a great way to kick it off again. Every day for 7 days, I provide you a quick email with an activity to do with your kids each day. Join the newsletter to start your 7 day activity challenge today!
I brought three rolls of painter’s tape in different colors (here’s green, yellow and purple, affiliate links). I just handed the tape over to the kids and let them do as they pleased. They covered the tile floor with it! The cousins had a blast playing together and the adults got a chance to catch up. It was pure bliss.
Set up this invitation to create play dough turkeys from Fantastic Fun and Learning. The kids can make all kinds of turkey friends while they’re waiting for dinner. Make the play dough ahead of time. Pack everything up in a few bins with tops. You’ve got a portable play dough station to bring to Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving!
Encourage the kids to make place cards for Thanksgiving dinner while they wait. Inner Child Fun uses post-its as the basis for their name card turkeys, along with some basic craft supplies. The table is sure to look festive, and the kids will be happily engaged
Let the kids practice their mark-making with Still Playing School’s Thanksgiving-themed sensory writing tray. You can put the main ingredient in a covered pan to bring along to dinner, or ask if your hosts already have it on-hand. While the adults are chatting, the kids can be drawing, writing, and exploring in the tray.
Little ones who love buttoning (and unbuttoning) will be happy to bring along a button turkey activity from Natural Beach Living.
Bring construction paper, glue sticks, and googly eyes while visiting relatives on Thanksgiving. Cutting Tiny Bites’ invitation to create turkeys can keep the kids happily creating as dinner is prepared.
Get their little fingers moving with feather weaving on Thanksgiving. Fun-A-Day shares how to put together a simple feather weaving activity using homemade looms and craft feathers. Make the looms ahead of time and put everything in a bag to take along as you travel for the holiday.
thanksgiving activities for preschoolers

Activities for kids to do during any family get-together

While the kids wait for their dinner, set them to making a meal for the birds. This classic bird feeder craft is sure to keep the kids busy, and you just need two materials. Maybe after dinner, the kids can hang up the feeders and watch for hungry birds.
Make a super simple quiet bin to bring along Thanksgiving Day. How Wee Learn’s popsicle stick and clothespin activity would be just the thing. Just two items, and the kids can build and create to their hearts’ 
You can make this game yourself using turkey shapes from the teacher store. This game is also available {black and white or color} in the Thanksgiving Literacy Packet located in the printables section below.
Setting: Small or Large Group, Literacy Centers
Objective: Alphabet Recognition
Materials: Carson Dellosa turkey cut-outs, ABC stickers OR Sharpie marker, plastic tub or basket to put die-cuts in.
Directions: Write one letter of the alphabet on each turkey using the Sharpie marker or place one letter sticker on each turkey. On the 27th turkey write the words “Gobble Gobble!” with the Sharpie marker. Place all the turkeys in a basket or plastic tub. This game can be played in large or small groups. Have the students sit in a circle and pass the basket around. Each student closes his eyes and removes one turkey, then “reads” the letter on the turkey aloud. If the student can read the letter he keeps the turkey. If not, then he may ask a friend to help read the letter. If a student gets the turkey that says “Gobble! Gobble!” all the students stand up and gobble like turkeys. After the gobble turkey is chosen the person who selected it must put all of his turkeys back in the basket.
Students roll the picture cube and give a word that rhymes with the picture. They mark their recording sheet when they give a correct rhyme. If students need help generating a rhyme they can ask a friend. This activity is available in the Thanksgiving Literacy Packet located in the printables section below. It includes the black and white recording sheet and a printable picture cube you can cut out and assemble or you can print out the cards and attach them to a square box or use a pocket die
Objective: Oral language, storytelling, sequencing
Book: I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie
Materials: blackline master of Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie, construction paper, blackline master of foods the Old Lady eats in the story, crayons or markers, X-acto knife, tape, Pringles can.
Directions: Tape a piece of construction around a Pringles can. Copy, color, and cut out a blackline master of the Old Lady from the story. Attach the old lady to the can with tape. Use the X-acto knife to cut a hole through the blackline and the can where the Old Lady’s mouth is. Next, copy and color the pictures of the food the Old Lady eats in the story. Cut the pictures out and have students re-tell the story by “feeding” the old lady the pictures through the hole in her mouth.
Objective: Alphabet Recognition
Materials: Turkey Beanie, magnet, glue (hot glue or E6000), magnet, magnetic letters, recording sheet (not pictured), Do-A-Dot markers.
Directions: Glue a magnet to the turkey’s nose using a glue gun, E6000, or similar. Give each child a recording sheet with the alphabet on it. Next, place the magnetic letters in the middle of the table, you could use a bowl or plastic container to hold them. Students will take turns holding the turkey and helping him “eat” the magnetic letters as pictured at left. When the turkey “eats” a letter the students may locate it on their recording sheet and mark it with a Do-A-Dot marker. You can find the upper and lowercase turkey alphabet recording sheets in the Thanksgiving Literacy Packet located in the printables section below.

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thanksgiving activities for preschoolers

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